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Mail: byron@byronfenris.com

On this page you will find links to Byron’s music, for listening or download. Downloads from this page are FWC (Free With Caveat, the caveat being that we hope you’ll enjoy his work enough to support it with a donation). We realize that FWC is pretty much the same thing as PWYW (Pay What You Want) but we came up with FWC and are sticking to like teeth to a candy apple.

Byron will also be releasing some of his old videos/live appearances from the 60’s and 70’s and beyond as soon as we can track them down, clean them up, and clear the rights (the suits at Hee Haw are very litigious). The vids on the page for now are just quick placeholders that the FX team at American Entropy whipped up for us.


Bring Me the Head of Dean Almaverdo